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I'm updating something tonight and its kind of "yaey!, I,m updating again.!"
But I end up posting it this morning!!
Okey, it's kind of bullshit wtf! and like I really care...
Leave if you don't want to be here then.

Well, for the past few week, I was leading a hectic life. Instead of all the earlier "before mid-break session" midterm, we had a few assignments in hands too.
But, we still managed ourselves to go to a vacation!!! yeay...

wow, it's been ages I haven't wrote anything about best places and one mouth-watering meals in here.

Now, let's get it started. We're headed to KUNDASANG party people!!!

*This is me going places and must be full of me then peeps! chill!!

Rumah Terbalik at Tamparuli is our first destination. Only 20minutes from University Malaysia of Sabah.

It's our first day. My first day travelled with all the ladies included a guy who mostly acted as a full time driver. I am not saying that he's our driver instead of a good friend but he acted like one so let him be.. As long as I am happy, and others are happy too. Sorry Ariep. chill je.

Stop a minute at Pekan Nabalu where you can see Mount Kinabalu to their heighest peak there!

                                                        if tak nampak tunggu a brighter day ya!

On our first day, we overnyte at Mt. Lodge  Kundasang.

My oily face wtf.

It was before that Pekan Kundasang but just a few minutes to get there. It was a beatiful place whereyou can see the sunset and meet foreigners. It was 12 degree celcius at night and you'll freeze your butt out cause of it. We did some bbq and having a guest from
German joining us..

Singing along Rasa sayang sayang hey wtfishhhh and he let us listen to their national anthem all a few bloody sad songs. Yes, Thomas you made all of us felt very sleepy yet happy and glad indeed.

this is not for a thousand years was thomas.. That was Ariep. I treasure our picture together so upload it instead with others!

There's also a very kind couple from United States whom name was forgotten,
Glen from Hawaii and a few foreigners around the globe!. They said that we are adorable and love the country which means Malaysia very much!!!
They let us went Owwwwhhhh..... (Perasan a little-ambassador-to-be!) mmuahahhaha.

is our second day. I was so excited to explore best places in Kundasang. We went places such as War Memorial Park (located at the middle of Pekan Kundasang!).

We went to Sabah Tea Plantation but I can't help to hate that place. I prefer Cameron Highland Tea Plantation more.

Low service efficiency. Bad food, and once the tea made us all having a stomachache!

Before, we went to Dairy farm owned by Desa Castle (Sabah) Sdn Bhd. I hate the smells but in love with the beautiful view and the fresh milk of coz!

That night we spent our nite at Pekan Ranau. Checked in a small hotel named Orchid Hotel. Amazingly they had a comfortable room we love the most!
(The night went well and I missed my Liverpool game that nyte for semi final FA Cup if not mistaken!. wtf!. Glad they won it!)

Our last day is went we headed to the hotspring!!! Located in Ranau party people...

In hot poring, I suggested you guys to try the canopy walk!. But you must do the hiking at the very first place to get to their highest renjer house and your
adventure begin..
Senang rasa hati sebab aku tak gayat! ahahahaha

Lepas tu we stucked for a hour and a half at night sebab there was a landslides!. But we still managed to captured lots of Mount Kinabalu scents before sunset..
Jangan cakap la.. Freezing owhh..

That nite before balik UMS, we went to Gayang Seafood which I dont remember the specific place but it is near to the Polytechnics! haha. owh, it's in Tuaran!!!
Having udang masam manis, pastu ada ketam and ikan merah..

Ikan tu aku tak pulak aku snap satu dish je.. another portion is on the way. its a red fish cooked in two portions.. curry and steam if not mistaken..

 All together with this prize.. Rasa memang terangkat!. Have to be here for another few times after this!.

Then, bila  balik UMS, suma terbongkang tido!

Till then,


  1. amoih dia speaking x hingat..jenoh selak jalan..akk nk owg sabah satu ye.bwk blik tau.huhu

  2. nt sya bawak balik satu ye hehehe.... :)))

  3. sy nk owg kampung bad yg ade kt sabah ye...
    hehehe... =)

  4. Hai syasyah, boleh x nak tanye pasal trip ni. Email :

  5. hai syasyah comel, nak tanya trip g kundasang dari semenanjung.. boleh kan? email :


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