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Husband 26th Birthday is today.

How I am gonna start writing this. I wanted to do an appreciation post to my dearest husband soon daddy to be but I have so many to say and to put into words is not easy.
But yeah, 
To my dear husband, you might or might not read this but I am pretty sure that you will come across this one day. Cause it has been a long time I did not update my blog, and you keep asking why I am not updating my blog, and I would say that I have nothing to write anymore or I am just too lazy or too busy. On that time I knew that you are the one who always waiting for my blog to be update and enjoyed reading my entries from our memories down to my most rubbish entries. I love you so much though you might not realised yet that I am active back in this blogging world. But one day, I believe you will read this.
Dear Husband,
On 6th of February 2017, we celebrated our first anniversary as husband and wife. You never know how proud I am to be your wife. I appreciate your effort to bring me with yo…

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