Place to Visit : Throwback! Cameron Highlands Road Trip

I haven't update about my birthday celebration last February as I didn't celebrate it like the way I should. As everyone's was at work and it was just me, Mak and little brother at home. We spent our time together watched various programs on TV. That's all I do on my birthday. For this year's birthday, I didn't claimed any birthday cake or presents like I always did before. I changed my laptop  and got a new Mr. Asus to replaced my Mr. Toshiba. And I even got a new Mr.Samsung unexpectedly so I can easy MMSs more often.

Now, here comes the real story. My birthday and Maman's are on the same month. Sister and him planned to take us (me and nephews) to a short vacation in Cameron Highlands (to replaced the real plan on going picnic-king). My brother and wifey, little sister and Mak already went there before us. They arrived home, and it's our turn to rock Cameron Highlands!

We left on 22nd, in the evening. Arrived at about 9pm and checked in into Rosa Pasadena's Hotel. We went out hunting sweaters for sister and little nephews nearby. It was rather cold and I can do cold but not for the rest of them.

The Band

The Hotel

I was doing great here. I mean us. I love the place. Quiet at night even there's a lot of people. The hotel was fulled and were just lucky to be cramped in. 

Looks like the sweaters hunting was a success so we walked down the road and just leisured around. I couldn't wait for the sun to rise as night had less to offered. 

Sister went hunting souveniors (or squirrels??)
The outside of the hotel front view
On the very next day, soon after we had our breakfast, we went straight to Boh Tea Plantation. I can't wait to have my Palas Supreme Tea as I heard it was so good any people couldn't resist. 

After breakfast potret photo

Sister rocks the skull

 Our first visits was the Boh Tea Plantatation,Sungei Palas.
My first impression to this place was awesome instead of it's scary road. The place was breathtaking and it surely takes my breath away.~~

The Tea Place

This is the plantation

On our way up

Still need captions?? :p

I, finally had my first cup of Palas Supreme Tea and ended up the others tried it too. The end results?= Great! It relieves my stomachache too. Lol

Palas Supreme Tea, I heart you <3 br="">

After leisuring at the cafe, we went to visits the Strawberry Farm. I forget the name of the farm but if we go straight the routes, we would ended at the peak of the Gunung Brinchang. Like we all did. Hahaha. It was the hiking route and for 4wheels do the climb. But we did with Viva. Perodua rocks Gunung Brinchang! We turned around and went back to the Farm we saw at the first place.

I want those goats. To cute I wanna hug! Arghh! New Born. About 2months old?

The Farm. Beautiful scenaries compared to others. Located far inside. Unlike other farms located at the roadsides. People often did not find this place. Try asked the locals. It was located nearby the Boh Tea Plantation I a can't remember. I'll check with Maman later. Tell ya on the next post! Promise!

Sister can't stop plucking!
Then, after plucking and camwhoring, we left for Butterfly Farm! (I realized I used too many "!!!!!". The excitements still in me I guess?) But before that, we stop by the hill and took pictures. You can see this place on your way to the strawberry farm.

Sister and me

Being Cheeky ya?

The boys, the bodyguards. My boys. Cheeky as always all of you.
The Butterfly Farm
Look who's the one got excited to be there.

Is that "bunga taik ayam"? In English n in direct translation by me is chicken poop! Brutal sgt nama kahkahkah. The colors was nice but the smells wasn't nice lol
They have snakes which are Yucksss for me, insects, flowers, rabbits and kura-kura too. A huge tortoise in the house as well. My nephews are both so excited with everything they saw. Kids love to explore. They even told me about everything and even scared me by acting like a snake hisses around.
You know what, I didn't realized that I actually had a childish side of me where I was insisted to go to a museum. Lol. I was poisoned by an article about the Time Tunnel Museum where people should visits. It brings back our childhood moments.

Someone was talking to the phone with "lampu ayam" in the hand! Rare kot. Mana nak dapat ni lagi. :p

Think he was a boy for the second time. Hahaha

Little Toys r Us

Busy lady in the kitchen cooking.

Last but not least, The Bharat tea Plantation!

My sister bought a lot of Stramberry chocs here.
Upon arrival

My little darling version malu-malu.

My Superman(s) with their Mom.

Headed back before sunset. Till we meet again CH!

I had so much to tell. Til next post? Chow!


  1. ow, pi ngan man slm dia no..epy belated besday 2 both of u..

  2. ieja, sori tak sempat meet up be4 balik sabah :(

  3. actually, ieja tgu jgk sya kol if nk jmpa kn,tpi xpe.. It's okay dear. Ada bnyk lgi msa. :D

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