Place to Visit : MENGKUANG DAM

M.E.N.G.K.U.A.N.G. D.A.M.
Mengkuang Dam in my short recap is to be the dam (empangan in Malay translation) filled with water to be supplied around. And it is even more famous as a place to hang out, jogging, camping, and berkelah ( I just can’t find the English word for berkelah right now.) Oh, it was picnic. That’s the word. Hahaha.  It is a place with a long jogging track where you can sight-seeing too. It has beautiful sceneries. Yes, that is a small info I gained as I went there. My first visit. For your information, I am not a sports girl. Always go jogging and keeping fit. You have to believe me not to ask anything about this dam. I do not know about any dam. But, I can consider in giving extra words if you ask about what is DAMN instead of DAM. *Joking people. 

Yours truly once again try to do some jokes.

If you guys needed infos about this Mengkuang Dam, ask Maman for the extra infos. He was once a jogging freak. Hehehe. I believe this was once his favorite place to go jogging. And don’t ask me why he gets lazy to go jogs these days. Hahaha. Ask him.

Let me continue with what brought us there. My sister promised us to bring us there for a sight-seeing that evening. Yes, for the sake of sight-seeing and capturing moments, instead of doing some recreational kind of thing. -_-“

My favorite bunnies
 Yours truly has surely benefits all the moments she had on that day. It wasn’t just me, myself, but my sisters, and my little nephews are together having a cam-whore moment. Occupied with my sister Samsung Galaxy Note, we cam-whored! It really come in handy. Everyone want one. I guess just let it be hers. (Sis, can we change our job? I need to make some money here you know).

My favorite of all time
 I did some recreations with my nephews. We are playing football. Yup, the real football league we had. Man to man. Plus man to woman. Minus the fact that we are using my nephew Ben10 ball full of Ben10’s face all over the ball.  -_-“

At least, I had fun. Stay tuned!


  1. i'm not lazy to go for jogging but had to stay in "gebu" just for my syasya... :p

  2. so please cook for me....
    nyam2... :D


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