A Night to Remember. Wonderland Theme Party.

Assalamualaikum, ermm, been a while. Guess what, I even have the intention to delete this blog forever. It's like killing a kitty. I cannot do it. That is why I am here once again. Trying to catching up with all of you. Which I have been missing all the time. I tried to write on another blog but it doesn't sounded like me. Anyhow, I am in my final year now. I am graduating soon Insha Allah. It really quite sometime now since the first time I start blogging. I am a lady now. I am no more a little girl who cried a lot before, writing some stupid things here. I hoped I changed. For the better. Guess what a final year student were up too? Dinner? Of course. It's like a prom. Kinda alike.

1. Place to eat : Sri Tg. Seafood Restaurant, Tanjung Aru.

This year's theme is Wonderland. But no, you did not expect a walking teapot, a fat bunny with a clock, or a burning candles dancing or even a human named Alice who can be small and be bigger before and after eating, don't you? =P

I wasn't supposed to be there that night because I went to this kind of dinner for two consecutive years. And I hope to have a peaceful night just with my roommates in my room. But, some friends can't see me leisuring around just like that and I ended up be at the party with them. All dolled up. I even have to borrow my roommate's jacket to add on my to my simple dress that night. Goshh, I am such a chaos. 

I wanted to thanked my another roommate, Didie for her makeup. And for the branded lipstick. She knows that my lips has allergic on lipsticks and lipbum etc which means I cannot put anything on my lips at all. But, but thank you for suggesting me the lipstick of yours. My lips are all healthy and there is no allergies at all. Thank you. I am so afraid the day after I woke up from bed. =)

It was NO FUN to blog without pictures isn't? So, here comes the pictures.

I was seated next to Alan and Raima. Our table is right in front of the stage. Guess we had so much fun just because of that. The show and the performances was great. Thanked God I was seated at the front table as I didn't have time to buy contact lenses. I just can't be specky that night. =p Besides our table is where the Dean and the head of the program seated together with the other lecturers. We were a bunch of lucky kitties.

Almost everybody from the final year are here except for some kitties who left behind. 

It's like we were discussing about the world's matter. So absorbed with the topic which me myself can't even remember what was the topic again? A friend wanted to show this and make a fuss out of it so what if I don't care? =P

The boys was very helpful and very easy going thus a 'we'fie needed pronto. 

These two are favorites in the class. The kind of spontaneous people that we love. They are what we called as "penyeri" in the hectic days and during stresful lectures or tutorials. They sang a few songs and two thumbs up guys! =)

Amie in mustard dress was my dinner's companion everytime there are dinner for our course. Wani in the blue modern kurung is the queen of selfie. =p

Here are all the ladies from the first year up to the third year of MATHEMATICS WITH COMPUTER GRAPHICS SESSION 2013/2014 of UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA SABAH.

That all from now I must say. I am so happy to be back here writing exciting experiences of my life. I am sorry dearest Mr. Blog that I did deleted you once. 

Before that, here's your truly playing around.

With all my might I want to put here every pictures that I have but too much might cause you guys puking. So, calm a little while. My post is about to end. =P

Bye! Love you guys! =P


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