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Assalamualaikum peeps!

Today I am going to talk or babbling about our vacation last two months. Yes people, it happened on the last two months!

        This is the first vacation I totally butt in. Totally. Totally got myself involved with all the plannings. I handle the car rental, place to stay while we are at Kundasang and the Island hoping. Maman handled the airplane tickets and the the Tune Hotel online booking.

          Their first day at Sabah started immediately. After their arrival at Terminal 1 MAS, settled the car rental, we went to Sutera Harbor before headed to Kundasang. We stayed at Kundasang for two days one night which included Pekan Nabalu, Kinabalu Park, Ranau, Poring Hot Spring and Desa Cattle.

1. Upon Arrival : Terminal 1 MAS (KKIA)

Of course they looked good, excited and awaits for more experiences. I am even more excited. I am looking at the familiar faces I misses all the time. So, little family, Welcome to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. But first, we need to wait for the rental car to arrived. I asked the car rental company to brought the car at the airport so we can straight away left to Kundasang, yeay!

2. Place to visit : Sutera Harbour, KK

This place is very famous to its beautiful sceneries. You can even swim, witness the sunrise and the sunset, and fishing.

3. Place to Visit : Kinabalu Park, Kundasang

I love this place. I recommended you to visit other places and left this place at the end. It is because you can see the sunset here. It was so beautiful. You can seethe sunset and the Mount Kinabalu is on your right. Isn't magnificent? But poor little family, as we went up there, we cannot see the sunset because of the haze. :(

4. Place to Stay : Mount Lodge, Kundasang

This place is my personal favorite. I love the view, I love the place so cosy, convenient and calm. You can find there are a lot of foreigners who stayed here because the want some privacy and do not like to be disturbed. But don't get me wrong, they are so friendly. It's just that you don't make noises here. They don't like it. I don't too. That's why I took my little family here.

5. Place to Visit : HotSpring, Ranau

You don't have to take a bath in the morning! Come here at the ealy morning where it is still not crowded and the hotspring is all yours. :p I want my family to feel and enjoy the goodness of the natural water. It is a must visit place.

6. Place to Visit : Canopy Walkway

It is in the Hotspring place, they are Butterfly Farm as well and a waterfall where you need to do some hiking first to get there. My sister and my nephew are afraid of the height. So, I dare them to hike and to walk through the highest walkway. She cried, my nephew's face turned pale. Oh my. But they did great. They finished the Canopy walkway. I am so proud of you guys.

7. Place to Visit : KK Island

Our next destination would be the islands. We checked in the hotel in the evening on the second day. For the Island Hopping, we chose Sapi Island and Manukan Island.

The next morning, we being picked up by Yasher. We went to Sapi Island before the Manukan Island after having our lunch. The lunch was awesome. Sapi Island is more suitable for snorkeling as Manukan Island having a lot of coral reefs. We snorkeled until we can't swim anymore. At Manukan Island, we played and gave food to the fishes. Beautiful.

We took a bot from the Sutera Harbour jetty. Some people may get cheaper rate for Island hopping if the took a boat from the Jeselton Jetty at KK Town. I chose to take a package for everyone since we want to spend our time and at the same time managing out time schedules. We didn't want to missed out other things.

8. Place to Visit : Sapi Island

9. Place to Visit : Manukan Island

10. Place to Visit : KK Town (Bazaar Philippines, Morning Market)

          On our last day, we went to the Morning Market and the Philipine Market buying souveniers to families and friends. We had lunch at Centre Point, KK. Here is the picture where my sister was so busy finding cheaper brooches to brought back home as a souvenier.You can find many affordable items here. It was even better if can speak and sounded like the locals. They appreciate that. You might get cheaper rate for almost everything!

11. Place to Visit : KK Waterfront

12. Place to Visit : Masjid Negeri, KK

13. Place to Visit : Tanjung Aru

You can see the sunset, you can enjoy the sceneries and the food... :)

          We wish to have more time to spend as many places Sabah have to offer. But, we do need to fly back home the next morning. Bye bye Kota Kinabalu. Hey, Kuala Lumpur.

          We arrived safely at KLIA and took a train to KL Sentral. My sister and her family left to the relative house before headed home. Me and Maman went to my bestfriend house, Sab at Sentul for a visit. We are quite adventurous that day. Such an experience. After Maghrib, we left Sab's house. We took a night train back to Butterworth, Penang. That morning, after arrived at 6.30am and performed our Subuh, we walked to the fery port and went to Penang Island just to have our breakfast at the Mamak. Somewhere near Komtar as I remember. Best food makes me feel sleepy. Haha. I slept in the Rapid Penang, on the ferry and in the bus we took home from Butterworth. I even slept in the car from Maman's neighborhood to my house. I slept in my room at home while Maman chatting with my mom and sisters. I woke up, took my bath and went to signed documents for my first car! A Nissan! Gosh. Maman haven't slept which thanked God I got him awake to kept an eye on me. Men are all about being protective, right.

Later, I have stories about my driving licence, my first car, Maman's new life in University and our last dinner which I accidentally deleted the previous up post about the celebration. Tons to tell before I go back to Sabah.

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Hugs and kisses (xoxo)


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