Place to Visit : Day Trip - Lost World of Tambun

Assalamualaikum people!

I am having a day trip last few days to the Lost World of Tambun. Ipoh, the city of excitement. This was my second time while Maman enjoy his first time. This was his plan of playing-for-a-whole-day. 11.00am till 11.00pm. Ok, that sounds like it's gonna be a long day. But it wasn't actually.

          He picked me at home that morning, ate breakfast, and left at 8.30am. He bullied me driving. Thank God we change at the rnr after ate our 'bekal'. Hahaha.

          Arrived at the Lost World of Tambun at 11something a.m. and tried out adventurous things at the waterpark offered there. Then, we walked around the place. We spent time at the Peting Zoo the longest. Love the nature. We want to visit the spa but due to some confusion, and only woman handled the spa, I won't force Maman to have a massage with me. You know what I mean. We ended up leisuring in the hot spring the whole evening. We changed pool everytime to cool ourselves while walking. Have to remember that you can't stay more than 15minutes in the hot spring pool. For health purpose. Believe it, we exceed the time limit once. God knows the feelings. And brings your mineral water too. Drink them in between. Again, just believe me.

          We just ate at 3pm and thats all. You don't want to waste your money to play on food you know less worth it. We left the hotspring at 8.40pm and left the Lost World of Tambun at 9something p.m.

          We were so tired and hungry, we went to Ipoh Parade and having fried mee and fried koew teow at he hawker. The taste was awesome. I can go everyday just to eat there, if I was born in Ipoh. Hehehe.

        Ipoh is famous for it's limau barli. Mak comel asked us to buy it for her. So, we bought her one. I will remember we had to sleep at the rnr as we were to tired to drive home. Hahaha. After Subuh, he bullied me again. Driving him home. Being an officer taught me how to drive carefully. I warned him not to sleep while I am driving, instead he drives me insane with the picture. Haish.

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Hugs and kisses (xoxo)


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